Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to questions I frequently receive about proofreading, editing, style sheets, hiring practices, and more. If your question does not appear below or the answer is not satisfactory, please click the following:

How fast can you proofread my document(s)?

Depending on the length of your content, you could have it proofread and edited in as little as 2 hours. My fast turnaround time has benefited many creative groups, college students, large companies, lawyers, and those with immediate proofreading and editing needs. Please contact me for fast editing and proofreading services.

Are my documents kept confidential?

I take the security and privacy of your communication and content extremely seriously. I am happy to follow any other security measures required, such as signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Do you proofread websites?

Absolutely! Please contact me if you are unable to submit a word document with the website content and we can discuss the best approach to take - pricing will be based on an estimated word count if one cannot be provided.

What format should I send the document in?

I edit all documents in Microsoft Word, google docs, pptx. - If you have pdf. you can convert it or let me know. I will assist you in every way I can.

How do you incorporate edits/suggestions?

I do all my work on MS Word Tracking Change. This will allow you to clearly see all edits and suggestions implemented and maintain a record of my work.
I will send you 2 separate files- (1) Tracking Change. (2) Final- A clean, fully-edited document that is to the same formatting standard as the document originally submitted to me.

Do you use any grammar-correction software?

I never used any software for my work. All my editing is stringently manual and I do extensive line-editing for all my orders.

I do not have an Upwork account—Can I still place an order?

Yes, you can still place the order even if you don't have an account with Upwork. With Upwork 'direct contracts' I can create and send proposals to the client's email address and from there, they can process the order. It's really that simple. All you need is a valid email address.

For more details on 'direct contracts'